A month!

Well I just realised that I haven’t posted here for a month. Its been a busy few weeks with work and the kids and so I haven’t really been doing much gaming.

I did manage to get two Uncharted Seas fleets (Orcs and Dwarves) painted and Brian is coming over today and we are going to try the game out.

Monsterpocalypse is in and we are going to do our draft on Monday. Its not much of a draft as we have already split the factions up but there is the prospect of getting more interesting buildings. The set that I got from the review kit didn’t have a lot of variety so I am looking to try to grab as many different buildings as possible.

Future War Commander is in and I am prepping my Squat army for a game or two next weekend. I’ve decided to rebase some of the bikes three to a base instead of the two to a base currently being done. I think it looks better and I also think that it makes it easier to texture the bases in an interesting way. Trikes are still single models. I have a large number of the Litko wooden bases and I may test those out instead of the plastic Warmaster bases I usually use.

One thing that did occur to me is that these new rules rather open up the possibility of using non-standard minis for my armies. I really like most of the GW Squat figures but one thing I am not really a fan of is the idea of Squats using Rhinos for transports. They created unique vehicles for the squats with the exception of a transport vehicle. It seems lazy and not really in fitting with the background. I may use the Exodus Wars Guild Transports or perhaps something from GZG.

In the meantime I am going to use some Guard Chimeras as those look more “Squatish” than Rhinos do.