AE-WWII painting

So after removing some of the Epic clutter from my desktop after last week’s eBay auctions I have started assembling some figs to start working through to build up my AE-WWII forces and also to make sure that I have two fully painted forces to use for some local demos.

Sadly there are still not any Darkson US Tesla Cannon teams so I made my own using some of the weapons from the AT-43 Jam Tac-Arm troops and some Artizan WWII American troops. Those are ready to paint as well as the OSS Agent, Buffalo Pilot (to be used as a mechanic), some additional America troops, the Storm Ape and some German troops and characters.

Its going to take a bit of time to work through it all but I think that if I focus on them I should have them done before the end of November.