Gaming weekend. Of doom!

Well maybe not doom but any weekend that I manage to get in four games of anything is a momentous occasion :-)

Brian, Brett and Dan came over on Saturday and I managed to get in a game of AE-WWII (a horrible beating on my part), Uncharted Seas (I spanked Brian’s Dwarves badly) and Monsterpocalypse (Brian was learning the game).

Uncharted Seas worked quite well with the start fleets on a 4′ x 4′ table and the wind, which ran straight at my Cruisers, actually was an inadvertent boon as it meant that they were untouched by the time they showed up and were able to convince Brian’s Battleship to leave the field.

MonPoc was a lot of fun. How can you not like giant monsters trashing a city?

Brian played my Planet Eaters and I played the Shadow Sun Syndicate. It was my first game using only the Shadow Sun minis and I have to say that I was impressed with just how fast they were.

I’m not sure how the game ended but it was certainly a learning experience for both of us and I am quite pleased by just how much strategy there is in the game.