Zach and I headed down to Strategies today to get in a game of Monsterpocalypse and Uncharted Seas. Zach’s fleets aren’t painted yet so he used my Orcs and I finally got a chance to try out my Dwarf fleet.

Our Monsterpocalypse game had Rogzor (me) versus Defender X. Zach recently won the Mega version of the monster in a local tournament and I have to say that the Mega form with 8 Brawl dice and 4 Boost dice is a CC monster. Pardon the pun.

This was the first time I used Rogzor and I combined the Belchers with a Radar Station to produce a combined Blast attack that took out four of Zach’s unit, three buildings and damaged his monster. Quite a shot.

Once again I failed a critical roll and suffered for it. Zach had a single point of life left in his Alpha form and I decided to make a Blast attack to destroy it and then retain dice to do a Smash attack that would have sent his Mega form into two buildings (one generating flames) for four points of damage. Sadly I missed my Blast attack and things went downhill from there :-)

Sadly I forgot both decks of cards for my Uncharted Seas fleets so the game was a little “vanilla” but Zach and I had a good time and in the end I was able to squeak out a victory by having a Raging Fire do the last point of damage to his Battleship and sink it.

I am beginning to think that Uncharted Seas benefits from some terrain and I am going to look into getting the Amera islands I have painted and perhaps make some sandbars for the game.