Battleground Fantasy Warfare AAR

Well perhaps AAR is a bit grand of a title but I thought I’d post a bit about our second Battleground Fantasy Warfare game.

Zach came over and we played a 2000pt game with his Dwarves against my Wood Elves. We both tried a new army (he had Orcs and I had Lizardmen last game) and also managed to remember to use the correct table size for the game.

The smaller table that BFW uses means that you have less time to maneuver and that even a slow army like the Dwarves are getting in attacks in a fairly short time. In our initial game we played on a much larger surface and I think it made the game seem slower than it is when played on the correct table size.
The Wood Elves are almost all armed with Nets that allow you to roll an additional attack for any attack dice that are 1s. I rolled a lot of 1s this game and added a lot more attack dice. Sadly the Dwarves are all heavily armoured so I was not doing as much damage. Zach sadly wasn’t rolling very well at all and had one attack where his much stronger Dwarves did no damage on 5 or 6 hits against my very poorly armoured Wood Elves.

I managed to almost totally eliminate Zach’s Dwarves (a resounding reversal of fortunes from our first game) and my Stag cavalry were quite lucky to be able to not only spend most of their time attacking his ballistas but they also managed to not take any damage the entire game.

The Wood Elves have fewer damage boxes on their cards than the Dwarves so near the end of the game my units started to die off but I was lucky to have been able to position my units well in the initial part of the game and pinched two of his units (attacking it from two different sides) and was able to do some significant damage to them.

With the smaller table size your positioning and initial movements are quite important. Something that wasn’t as apparent in the first game. As well I had a better grasp of the Command Cards and was able to use them better this game.

Another successful BFW game. I am really starting to like this game and have actually picked up several new decks and am hoping to try out the Orcs next time.