2009 resolution

Well its that time of the year. The end of the old year and the beginning of the new and invariably our minds wander to thoughts on how to make the upcoming year a little less cluttered and chaotic and perhaps better than the year past. My own hobby related resolutions are simple and I thought I’d share them

1) Finish painting my Epic Chaos army. I have so few units left to paint to fill the force out that it is ridiculous. Mind you the Banelord is a bit of a best to do but there is no reason why I can’t get them all done so I have a fully painted army. Mind you, that fully painted force is probably 9000 points :-)

2) Play more AE-WWII. I don’t play this enough and I have a campaign planned that I want to run through that should not only get me at least four more games but also perhaps get some more people interested in the game.

3) Finish one of my rules projects. I don’t care which one. Just one of them :-)

I am attempting to keep my list simple but other than those three I hope to be able to game at least once a week and if I can’t game then I will try to get a good painting session in that week instead. Got to keep those brushes busy :-)



  1. First off, nice new look for the new year.

    I was getting tired of the old design. I used it on too many blogs as a “stop-gap” design and never replaced it.

    I really should keep mines short and simple this year.

    If you don’t keep them simple you’ll never get them done :-)

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