Now this has the potential to be a fun set of rules and it certainly has a lot of active fan support but the rules really confuse me. Mongoose Publishing appear to have taken two very good rule sets (Starship Troopers and Battlefield Evolution) and tossed out the cover system and rewritten the rules to make them confusing.

For example, in the game regular fire creates a 3′ Fire Zone. Weapons with the Auto trait create a 6″ Fire Zone. At no point do the rules explain how to resolve fire when you have regular weapons shooting with a weapon that has the Auto trait. This will happen in almost every single infantry unit in the game.

This is a bewildering exclusion since the Starship Troopers rules have a section that specifically tells you what to do in this instance. Maybe the Battlefield Evolution: World at War rules do as well but I couldn’t find it. As well, the rules for the Lethal Zone trait appear to have been dropped from the book.
I’m still up in the air about using these rules but that is mostly due to the work of people like Agis Neugebauer, Reuben Smith and the folks at the EvoCommand forum who put a fair amount of work into creating new stats and are all fans of the game. I’m willing to give it a try but it strikes me that Matt Sprange could have spent some more time on these rules, tightened them up and not arbitrarily removed examples and expository text that helped explain the rules.

And can someone at Mongoose please hire a graphic designer? Battlefield Evolution: World at War follows in the not-so-grand tradition of A Call to Arms and Victory at Sea by having utterly superfluous graphics in the gutters of each page (taking up immense amounts of room) and looking as if they were laid out using Microsoft Word. The industry has moved far beyond this type of quick and dirty layout style and it would be refreshing to see Mongoose spend some time making their rulebooks look good.