MonPoc disaster

Zach came over today and we had a quick game of Monsterpocalypse. It was quite the distressing beatdown and for once I wasn’t on the receiving end.

To be fair to Zach, he was trying Deimos9 for the first time and his dice were abysmal. There is something about my basement gaming area that really cause Zach’s dice to suck badly. And not your usual “tabletop gamer” bad but “quantum physics improbable” bad. After some of Zach’s dice rolls I swear I saw photons decay. Sadly he never rolls this bad when I am playing against him in a tournament :-)

We played on one of the new maps from the map pack. I can’t recall the name but it has four solid rows of buildings across it and when we set up I thought that I was going to get smacked around as the Martian Menace has nothing but units with flight who would be unaffected by the buildings. I was able to quickly build a gunline of Belchers and since I was playing Rogzor this was really bad news for Zach as I started hitting his units (most with Def 2) and quickly blowing them and all the nearby buildings into their component atoms. Within two turns I was able to clear most of Zach’s units and also destroy five buildings.

I controlled an Oil Refinery and the obligatory, for Rogzor, Radar Dish and so my Belchers had a range of seven (as did Rogzor) and at that point it was necessary for Deimos9 to move out and try to take out some of that gun line. Sadly when Zach did I was able to move in and start the beatdown. A beating that wouldn’t have been as bad except that Zach missed two combined shots with his Hunters and also missed a Power attack with his monster. That would have been enough to take out my regular form but with those missed rolls I was able to carry off some back-to-back power attacks and quickly end the game.

It will be interesting to see how well I fair in a rematch when Zach’s dice aren’t quite so unco-operative.