More Weird War minis

I got a package in the mail today and it was the latest set of acquisitions for my Weird War gaming. The latest haul were:

3 AE-WWII American Robots
3 Emaciated Troopers
2 Feuersoldaten
two-man Artizan Late War German MG42 team
American GI Sergeant
Artizan Late War German w/ Mp40
Artizan German sniper

Now if you’ve been following my blog you’ll realise that this means that I now have 9 Robots and 9 Emaciated troopers. Recently Matt Hope, the AE-WWII designer, pointed out that you could actually fill out a German force with 12 Emaciated troopers so I may be painting three more of them up to have a force with noting but a Mad Doktor and Emaciated Troopers.