AE-WWI demo game

So this Saturday (January 7th) was the first game of the four game AE-WWII campaign that I am using to demo the game at one of the local game stores, Strategies Games and Hobbies, here in Vancouver.

Due to some poor scheduling on my part the game wasn’t that well attended. This Saturday was also the monthly WCP Game Day as well as the first, and mandatory, day of the Blood Bowl Thunderbowl tournament.

I’ll be doing the next game on a Sunday :-)

I did manage to run a game and did chat about the game and the minis with a few folks so the day wasn’t a waste.

The game was quite fun. This is the first scenario in the campaign I am working on. The US forces are attempting to capture a bridge in order to work their way into the city of Carentan which is the location of an underground SD laboratory that is creating vast numbers of Abominations.

Zach Brown was playing the Americans and this scenario is a variant of the “A Bridge too far” scenario from the AE-WWII rulebook. The only changes I made are that the German defender is unable to blow up the bridge and that there are no secondary or tertiary objectives. Either the Americans capture the bridge or they fail in the scenario.

The forces were both Experimental detachments:

OSS Agent (Bushwaker hero)
Rocket Troopers
GI Tesla Team
Buffalo Suit

SD Agent (Assassin hero)
Mad Doktor
Storm Ape
Volkstrum Panzerschrek team
Emaciated Troopers

The game ended on turn three with the German forces breaking due to Drive penalties. At the end of the game the Germans had lost the SD Agent, Mad Doktor and Feuersoldaten and Storm Ape which caused the rest of the force to rout.

Some highlights of the game:
The Volkstrum Panzerschrek team destroyed a Robot with their first shot rolling an 18 for damage. SAdly they did not hit for the rest of the game with the Panzerschrek.

The OSS Agent used Hidden Deployment to pop out behind the SD Agent but was totally ineffective with his pistols. The Assassin SD Agent was much more efficient with his MP40 :-)

Sadly he could not bask in that glory very long as the Rocket Troopers used their Tesla Pistols to cook him and then hope across to the road and shoot down the Mad Doktor.

The Mad Doktor’s first Inoculation roll gave the Emaciated Troopers Impervious 4+ and his second roll killed a Feuersoldat :-(

With their newfound ability to dodge attacks (including Tesla Cannon shots) the Emaciated Troopers charged across the bridge and engaged the GI Tesla team. Only to be tied up for two turns as Zach proved his ability to do nothing but roll 6’s in Close Combat.

The two remaining Feuersoldaten charged across the bridge and were taken down to a single figure who then tried to attack the Buffalo forgetting his ridiculous armour value.

The Storm Ape finally moved into combat but wasn’t able to charge and so actually took more damage in the first round of combat with the Buffalo than it dished out. The Buffalo then walked out of combat and used additional AP from the Mechanic to shoot the Storm Ape down with the Tesla Cannon.

Neither sniper was really all that efficient.

This was the first game in which I was able to use the AE-WWII tokens from Litko and I have to say that there were very useful. It was much easier to track Drive and also very hadny for things like Reload. Highly recommended.



  1. Both side did need an officer but I thought I’d limit the complications for the first game.

    I have officers for both forces for the next game. The Krieghunds and Rohlingsoldat are in at Strategies so I am going to try to get those painted ASAP for the next game

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