More painted AE-WWII minis

While I was at the AE-WWII demo game yesterday I took some quick photos of some of the newer additions to my AE-WWII/Weird War collection.

First off, let me be clear that none of these were painted by me but rather were painted by my friend Chad who does this sort of thing for a living.

The Red Skull mini (it isn’t a clear photo) is actually a Pulp City convention special figure that I picked up at Gen Con last year.

The Wehrmacht figures are painted as SD Agents. In my German force I have my Regular troops portrayed as SG Agents and the green troops as Wehrmacht troops.

The Tesla Gunner is an Artizan Designs Airborne mini painted as a GI with the addition of a gun from an AT-43 Jam Tac-arm figure.

The Lab Rat is a convention-only figure that Darkson Designs sells and I was able to get that at Gen Con last year as well. It is an alternate sculpt for the Mad Doktor. It is really a very impressive sculpt and really takes paint well and looks amazing painted up.

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