Got a new PSP

Well “new” probably isn’t appropriate since it is my first PSP. Zach recently loaned me his and I was immediately in love. It plays actual adult video games unlike my, now traded in, DS and the games are not only ports of titles I love like WipEout but also new and interesting titles like Patapon and my favourite Ratchet and Clank.

I think the fact that I can play proper racing and adventure games really sold me on the console but there have been a few interesting benefits. The PSP has built-in wireless unlike the DS and it also uses a standard USB cable to put the system in USB mode so you can read and write data to the memory card. Very handy and very cool. I already have downloaded a few games and demos and will probably get a larger memory card this weekend.

Probably, for a father of twin girls, the best feature is the “Hold” mode that you can use to instantly turn off the system but get it to store the game state so you can come back to the game with no interruptions.



  1. I’ve had one for a few years now. It is awesome. In addition to games, you can rip DVDs on it for travel. It’s small, but has a sharp screen that is fine for a plane or waiting in the airport.
    You can also use it as an RSS podcast downloader. I had mine set to automatically check for new episodes of my favorites each night, and they would be ready for my morning commute. There is a glut of turn-based strategy games for it, also. Some are decent, many are not.

    Of course, I am writing this from my new Acer Aspire one netbook, so I wonder if my PSP will get cast aside, save for the quick Killzone or WipeOut Pulse fix.

  2. Didn’t know about the RSS download. I need to try that out for my Football podcasts.

    I think that a laptop isn’t anywhere near as convenient as dropping a gaming system into your bag :-)

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