AT-43 UNA finished

Now, I know what you are thinking. “How can you ‘finish’ a pre-painted mini?” The answer is, of course, that while I am fine with a pre-painted figure I am utterly anal about having nice looking bases and so I rebased all of my UNA minis.’

Not a small tasks since I have five trays of them and over 40 Steel Troopers alone. I managed to finish basing the last 20 figs and two vehicles last night and so I am finished. Until I head to The Comicshop tomorrow where they are having a sale :-)

I am also in the midst of acquiring a Red Blok force to play (I love the look of them, especially the vehicles) and have a pile coming in from the FFG clearance sale and am doing a few trades to pick up some more.

Hopefully I will get those rebased quicker than it took me to finish the UNA miniatures.

Jeff Wilson and I are going to get a game in and I hope that I don’t forget too many of the rules when we play. :-)