Red Blok triumph!

Sadly I was playing UNA at the time. :-)

Jeff and I had a game of AT-43 at the shop. A 2000 point “seek and destroy” mission with some RP points and two drop points. Despite playing Red Blok Jeff had a pile of vehicles and few troops and I was sadly decked out to fight an army with a lot of troops. Somewhere after turn five I had to concede as I had no troops left that could dent the rest of Jeff’s vehicles.

A fun game and a good way to gradually reintroduce myself to the rules.

While I was at the shop I picked up the UNA Fire Crawler (its a beast!), some Shock Troopers and a unit box of Krazny Soldaty. I have a huge pile of AT-43 figs coming via the FFG AT-43 clearance sale and most of it is Red Blok troops to form the core of an army. I also has some Death Dealer Tac Arms, some more UNA heroes and a few additional vehicles coming.

Hopefully we’ll be able to turn this into a regular Sunday gaming event.