New purchases

Picked up some new figures this weekend. An Iron Dwarf starter and Heavy Cruiser blister for Uncharted Seas and two blisters (German Krieghunds and US Airborne Flamethrower team) for AE-WWII. I only wanted to get some more frigates and a Battleship for the Dwarf fleet but it actually is only slightly more expensive to get the starter set and get an additional three cruisers. The Heavy Cruisers are the ships with the turrets mounted on the front. They look quite sleek.

These are probably going to be the last unpainted figures I get for a while. I really have next to no time to paint and so buying unpainted figures is really just pointless given how little I like gaming with them.

So I am expanding my AT-43 forces and also starting to work on finishing my forces to play the Clone Wars tabletop battle game I have been squirreling away figures for.