More AT-43

Well another day and another set of AT-43 figs have entered into the house. I did a trade with the fellows at Imperial Hobbies for some painted LoTR figs and came away with the UNA Shock TacArms and the Red Blok Hussar. Gotta love a Red Blok vehicle with missiles :-)

Did a quick count and I think I can already easily put together a 2000pt Red Blok army. I can’t think of how many points I will be able to do once the FFG order arrives. I have two units of Spetsnatz Kommandos, one RPG Soldaty and two Krasny Soldaty units (no attachments for the latter yet) as well as Urod, a Hussar, two Kossaks and two Nakovalny.

We’ll be having another game this weekend at The Comicshop with my UNA taking on Jeff’s Red Blok again. I am going to try to be a bit more tactical in my army building this time and also take Jeff’s predilections into account and bring more AT weapons :-)