UNA victory

The UNA dealt the collectivist hordes a crushing defeat today as my UNA army dealt some serious hurt to Jeff and his Red Blok. I’ll try to post some photos tomorrow but I think that the biggest problem in the game was really the terrain. I had some very good fire lanes that I was able to exploit with my Defender Cobra to really crush Jeff’s infantry and take the game away from him in the first few turns.

Sadly I left my Easy-AT43 army print out at home but I was able to at least get my army list as I posted it here. Thank goodness for vanity blogging :-)

That 7cm mortar is really a horrific weapon. Which makes me shudder to think what the Dacha Yagga will do with its 10cm mortar.

My only complaint with the game was that I wasn’t able to try the jam TacArms out as Jeff decided to take fewer vehicles this game.