Quick change of focus

I’ve not mentioned it here but in the last week I have been assembling and starting to finish painting my 40K Deathwing army. Today the War of the Rings rulebook arrived and that quickly changed as I have decided to expand the block of Urak Hai troops I have into a force to use for WotR.

I just need to do a few trades to see if I can add some additional troops like bowmen and Worgs to the army.

Since I have next to no time to paint one thing I will be doing is “dipping” the miniatures using the steps in article #9 of Bob Barnetson’s Gaming in Plastic article series. I have about 50+ figures that are already painted. They need to be rebased but that shouldn’t take too long. So the next step is to work out an army list and then paint the figures I need for that army.

Thank goodness I have some MinWax already.