Red Blok v Therians

Zach and I will be meeting up tomorrow at Strategies to have a 2000pt AT-43 game. This will be the first game using my newly acquired Red Blok minis. Sadly Zach has a lot of experience playing against them so I expect to get spanked rather badly.

It will be fun though to try the game out with something other than my UNA. My army is:

  • 12 RPG Soldaty Captain 3 Rocket Launcher
  • 8 Krasnye Soldaty 1 Grenade Launcher
  • 9 Dragonov Kommandos Sergeant 3 Sniper Gun
  • Kossak
  • 8 Krasnye Soldaty 1 Grenade Launcher
  • 3 Dragomirov Kolossus Sergeant
  • 1 Nakovalny

The Krasnye Soldaty have Mechanics to attempt to repair the vehicles and the Dragonov Kommandos will attempt to shoot the heck out of any Overseers in the army.