First Red Blok game

Zach and I met up at Strategies on Wednesday for a quick game of AT-43. We played a 2000pt game (using the army list I posted earlier) and Zach chewed my army up as if I was firing training rounds. This was my first game with my new Red Blok force and Zach not only has played his Therians a lot but also has played against Red Blok frequently.

Lesson 1: Red Blok troops can’t shoot :-)

I had a decent chance to try to take out some of Zach’s Storm Golems (with Atis attached) and hit with none of the fire from my RPG Soldaty or from their RPGs. Aside from the Dragonov Kommandos I really wasn’t able to hit the broad side of a planetoid in this game. Atis and her Storm Golems teleported into the RPG unit, destroyed half of them and I once again had terrible luck shooting with them. She then destroyed the unit and it was up to the Dragonovs to reduce Atis’ formation to slag.

Tiamat was, as you can expect, nasty but I really should have done better with her firing from the Kossak. Accuracy was not our watchword that day.

Zach was able to take a few RP locations and then bring in some more troops and his Hekats were able to chew the heck out of my other troops until I was left with nothing other than the Dragonov Kommandos.

End of game as it were :-)

Still, had a fun game and learned a few things not only about the Red Blok but also about the game. I think that 2000pts using the Reinforcement rules is too small for a 4′ x 6′ table and perhaps next time we’ll play a larger game or use a 4′ x 4′ table instead to help concentrate troops.

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