Isengard force

So I have firmed up the Isengard force I will be using for the April 4th event at Strategies. I have to paint up a few figs for this but hopefully it will be doable.

Epic Hero Lurtz

4 x Pike Company
w Banner

4 x Urak Hai Warband Company
w Banner
w Captain
w Shaman

2 x Orc Company
w Bows

1 x Bezerker Co

1 x Isengard Troll

75 points for Fates or Fortunes

The Orcs will be my main bow troops I will be hoping to get some Shatter Shields spells off to make the Troll and Bezerkers even nastier.

I have about 30 Pike and 30 Warriors painted (they need to be rebased) as well as Lurtz and some Captains and banners. So the core of what I need to paint are the rest of the Pike and Warriors and then the two companies of Orcs and the Troll. I am going to do a quick and dirty job on these guys as the aim is to game with them. Lots of drybrushing on the armour :-)