AE-WWII Storming Carentan campaign game two

Today was the second game in the four game AE-WWII Storming Carentan campaign game. The first game saw the US take control of the bridge over the Madeleine River and this game required them to secure a bunker that was guarding the road into the city. The US forces were not able to control the bunker and were routed from the field. Sadly I forgot my camera so there aren’t any photos of the game.

The forces were:

US Infantry Detachment

  • US Airborne Officer War Hero
  • Mechanic
  • Buffalo Suit
  • GI Sergeant
  • GI Infantry
  • GI HW Team (upgraded to Veteran)
  • US Airborne Sniper

SD Experimental Detachment

  • SD Agent Assassin
  • Wehrmacht Officer
  • Wehrmacht HW team (Panzerschreck)
  • Volkstrum Infantry
  • Feuersoldaten
  • Storm Ape
  • 2 x Emaciated Troopers

The Germans put the Volkstrum troops in the bunker to hold it and then the rest of the troops pushed forward to attack the Americans. The GI Sergeant and the Airborne Officer were placed with the GIs to bolster them and the US troops, with the exception of the sniper, moved forward into cover to start to pick off the advancing Germans.

The officers proved their worth as they basically kept the GIs in the game until the end. Both units would have broken far sooner if the officers weren’t embedded with them. The Mechanic used her ability to boost the Buffalo which gave it the APs to move forward far enough to start using its Tesla Cannon on the Emaciated troopers that were quickly pushed forward.

The Storm Ape sprinted up the road and then charged into a surprised unit of GIs. One was immediately cut down and the rest of the GIs ran back into cover where they proceeded to snipe at the Storm Ape with their Tesla Cannon.

Between the Buffalo and the GIs the Storm Ape was quickly whittled down and due to the morale effects of the Tesla Cannon it went berserk from the injuries inflected on it and charged after the lone surviving Emaciated Trooper. The other unit of Skinnies was moving up the right flank to keep under cover to launch a surprise assault in the American rear.

Also moving up in cover was the Wehrmacht HW team that took a speculative shot at the Buffalo and then finally ranged in on it and destroyed it with an impressive blast.

After that the Feuersoldaten got into range and slowly started taking out GIs and wounding the Mechanic and the impact of losses and morale effects caused the US troops to all rout.

Highlights of the game:
Once again the Panzershcreck team took out the Buffalo. Using vets to fire it is an added improvement and well worth the cost in terms of a detachment unit choice.

The Storm Ape once again being unable to even scratch the Buffalo suit even when charging.

The Airborne sniper not hitting a single shot the entire game. Seriously. It missed with every shot. Even when it needed a 3+.

The Feuersoldten making armour save after armour save to get in close enough to blast a GI formation with wave after wave of flame.

Berserk Storm Apes are fun!

The next scenario will be “Toehold”. US forces hold a precarious bridgehead over the Madeleine. More troops and support forces move in to try to expand the bridgehead.