Urka Hai all over

Did a bit of painting today on my War of the Rings force. Mostly finishing the priming on a load of figures and getting ready to do some base coats tomorrow. I have two Urak Hai Pikemen that I need to finish for the three companies I want to use for the April event at Strategies.

I have the two companies of Orc bowmen and the three companies of Warg Riders primed and ready to go and I’ll start doing basecoats on them tomorrow. I’ve also primed and assembled two more companies of Urak Hai and if I have the time I will attempt to get them done so I will have four companies of each Urak Hai formation.

I will hopefully be getting the plastic Isengard Troll tomorrow and that will get quickly assembled and put into the painting queue.

After the release event at Strategies I think that I will work on adding three companies of Dunlendings (two troops and one bowmen) and three companies of Urak Hai scouts so I can use one of the Legendary formations. Sadly the Dunlendings are all metal so adding more than three companies of them will be tough as the metal figs are a bit more expensive than I can afford.