Uraks Ho

I just won three sets of painted Urak-hai from eBay, two sets of crossbow and one set of 20 Urak-hai with swords, and these will be adding to the pile of Urak-hai I have painted and will be painting in the next little while. I think that when I am done working up to my 2000pt force that I may have close to 80 painted Urak-hai swordsmen.


Also on the nasty side, apart from some Land Ironclad/Aeronef figures, this may be the last painting I do for some time. My arthritis is getting bad enough that even with my medication I am in an intense amount of pain when I finish painting. Even though I am, for the most part, just base coating figs and doing washes.

I have an appointment with my doctor in late April and perhaps there is something to be done about it but I am not really putting a lot of faith in a possible solution other than waiting it out and hoping it gets better.

Thankfully my AT-43 forces don’t need painting. Mind you even basing figs can be pretty painful