WoTR release event

So the War of the Rings release event was today at Strategies and we had a fairly good turnout of gamers. Tim, Trent, Ryan, myself and two of the regular from Strategies were there to get in some games. Ryan and Trent had Good armies (Gondor and Elves) and so Tim and I took turns playing against each of them. I managed to get in two wins with my Urak-hai force and I think Tim won both of his games so it was a clean sweep for Evil.
I think that in both cases my wins were due more to my opponents army composition since Trent and Ryan didn’t have as optimized forces as Tim and I did. Ryan needed more Captains and Banner Bearers to make his army more flexible and Trent had too many one company formations due to figure restrictions.

That said I think both of them did really well considering that they hadn’t read the rules in advance like Tim and I. Trent’s Elves were especially tough with the massive amount of ranged fire they had and the efficiency of their heroes. Legolas is really nasty as well but being able to give a formation Shooting 1+ for a Might point is darned nasty.

My Warg Riders did poorly in the first game and slightly better in the second but given the massive amount of arrows fired at them I am surprised they lasted as long as they did in the second game. The Troll wasn’t as effective as I thought but Lurtz was a meat grinder and in a Heroic Duel against Ryan’s Gondor Captain managed to kill the Captain and eight troops. Nasty.

Ryan’s Avenger Bolt Thrower was notoriously badly aimed by its crew and it missed three times. It could have been a lot more effective. My Orc bowmen were more effective than I thought and I am looking forward to expanding them to three companies. I think to be really effective through they will need a Captain added to them to be able to access the On the Double order.

I had a really good time and I am looking forward to the 18th when we’re going to have another WotR game day at Strategies. Hopefully I will have 1500 points ready for that game.