Bye bye Bartertown

I’ve been using Bartertown for some years now but I think I will no longer be frequenting the site. The moderators have made a series of largely unannounced structural changes to the site and their attitude has really made me think that my time and energy is better spent elsewhere.

Primarily the non-GW and non-PP sections of the sites have been modified several times. AFAIK at no time have these changes been announced and none of the moderators, or their hangers-on, can actually tell any of the users the reasons for these changes.

Now this in and of itself wouldn’t be an issue but the attitude of the mods is really the thing that has gotten me riled up. Its one thing to arbitrarily change the structure of the boards without discussing it with the people that use it but then telling people that the problem isn’t the changes themselves but the inefficient way that the users access the site is grating. Add to this the fact that the mods have now taken to moving topics and adding snotty comments to the posts to inform people that they posted in the wrong subforum is crass considering that no-one appears to have announced the change at all.

I’m sure that if you only look for GW figures or games on the site then you are probably just as happy as you were before but anyone looking for or trying to trade figs that aren’t 40K or WFB minis have really been jerked around and its not as if the site is really that critical a part of my life to spend the time and energy to either get it changed back or get used to the new changes. That and the mods appear to not only not care about what the users think but seem to think that the users need to respond to them instead of the other way around. Its a very IT attitude to have and I’ve got no time for it.