WoTR Evil v. Evil game

Tim and I met up at Strategies today for a 1000pt War of the Rings game with his Mordor army against my Isengard army. The forces were:


  • 3 x Urak-hai Phalanx with Captain and Banner
  • 3 x Urak-hai Warband with Lurtz, Shaman and Banner
  • 1 x Urak-hai Warband with Crossbows and Captain
  • 1 x Troll
  • 3 x Warg Riders with Captain
  • 1 x Urak-hai Bezerkers


  • Fellbeast with The Tainted
  • 6 x Mordor Orcs with Banner and Khamul the Easterling
  • Mordor Troll Captain
  • Mordor Troll
  • 2 x Mordor Urak-hai
  • 2 x Mordor Orcs with Bows

We played the Fields of Swords objective with the Maelstrom deployment. All of Tim’s formations deployed during turn 1 and all of mine did as well with the exception of the Crossbowmen. In what was to be a very critical deployment, the Orcs with Khamul and the Warband with Lurtz ended next to each other and were at odds almost immediately.

The game ended with a 10 to 8 score. I managed to kill Khamul, one banner and destroyed nine companies. Tim destroyed Lurtz, two banners and 12 companies worth of troops … basically my whole force :-)

Game highlights

Lurtz managed to get in a charge against Khamul and his Orcs. I called a Heroic Duel and both if us used an Epic Strike. Sadly Tim rolled a one and I rolled a five. In the subsequent Duel result rolls I killed Khamul outright. In the resulting battle Lurtz’s boosted Fight value helped me to destroy 23 Orcs. Epic indeed :-)

The duel with Khamul (and a Spell resistance attempt) left Lurtz with no Might left and this really caused me grief during the game. Lurtz failed several Terror tests and this allowed Tim’s Mordor Troll Captain to chew the unit up.

The Crossbowmen didn’t come on for three turns but when they did they destroyed the Mordor Urak-hai in two rounds of shooting. I didn’t get to use the Captain with the formation but they did so well that I am going to immediately paint up another company.

The Ringwraith on Fellbeast was an enormous annoyance. His spells and Swoop Attack picked my Pikemen apart and it was next to impossible to pin down. I was hoping to pin it down with the crossbowmen but the game deployment made that impossible. It was quite a formidable unit.

The ability to stack Heroic and Epic actions is very strong but it also means that the formation is left with not a lot of options later in the game. Powerful but it does leave you hanging later on as Lurtz with no Might is not a heck of a lot better than a Captain in similar circumstances.

The Mordor Troll Captain was also a great unit in that it could On the Double move and its one Might point gives it a lot of flexibility.

The Bezerkers were next to useless. The Orc bowmen took out three of them (lets not discount Orc bowmen shall we :-) and then the other Mordor Troll attacked first after the Bezerkers charged and killed the entire unit in one go. No fun.

I actually made a 10+ Courage Test to avoid taking damage from one of Tim’s spells and then later on killed the Mordor Troll with my Troll after “throwing” a spear at it in the shooting phase, getting two hits and then rolling a 6 on the hard to Kill table.


For the next game I am hoping to get my army up to 1500 points. I am going to add another Troll and am going to expand the crossbow unit to another company. Hopefully I will have all this done in two weeks.

I am really liking this game. It is fast, deadly and a lot of fun. I also just like having a mass combat game set in the Lord of the Rings books that is easy to play. I’m quite looking forward to getting in more games of this in the future.