Infinity figures arrived

The two parcels from The Warstore with my Infinity figures arrived. I ordered the Yu Jing starter, a Tiger Soldier a box of Yu Jing remotes, a Fusilier Hacker and a Zhanshi Hacker. Don, from The Warstore, was kind enough to send along the PanO Starter Box and a Cutter. Which was terribly kind of him.

It took a few days to go through Customs here in Canada but it arrived yesterday and I started to assemble the Yu Jing starter. I have to say that I am incredibly impressed with the figures. Not only do they have a great amount of very crisp and precise detail on them but they were almost entirely free of mould lines and flash. Oddly most of the flash was on the tab that goes into the base.

I’ve got the Yu Jing Starter set cleaned and ready to assemble and I will be doing that tomorrow with an eye to getting them primed and base coated this weekend.

The plan is to get both starter sets painted and then start adding minis to each to build them both up to 200 points. Once I’ve done that then I hope I will have picked a favourite of the two and perhaps keep the second force as a demo force.