AT-43 Apocalypse game

Today was our gigantic 20,000 point, four-player AT-43 game held at Strategies. Myself, Roland (Kamran), Jeff (Red Blok) and Tim (Therian) met for a mammoth game each bringing 5000pts of troops to the table. You can see photos from the game in the gallery for the game.

The game was played using a scenario that we wrote for the occasion.

My army was:
Platoon 1
– 12 Star Troopers (2 Flamer)
– 3 Steel TacArms (Sergeant)
– 9 Wing Troopers (Sergeant, 2 Sniper Gun)
– 1 Lancelot
– Defender Snake (Sergeant)

Platoon 2
– 9 Wing Troopers (Sergeant, 2 Laser Gun)
– 3 Death Dealer TacArms (+ Lieutenant G. Epstone)
– 2 Wing Missile Team
– 2 Light Prince (Sergeant)
– Defender Cobra (Sergeant)

Platoon 3
– 10 Steel Troopers (Lieutenant, 2 Laser Gun)
– Fire Crawler
– 3 Jam TacArms
– 2 Fire Toad

This came in at 4900 and I save 100 points to buy 2 minefields that the Star Trooper.

Due to time constraints we only managed to get in four turns of the game and we counted VPs at the end. The Human team (myself and Jeff) squeaked to a victory and I managed to get the individual honours. The game table was split into sectors with each player primarily being opposed by one other player but there being no restrictions on shooting or moving other than it costing an additional LP to activate a unit outside of your sector. I faced off against Tim and his Therians and was happy as hell to see that he did not bring Tiamat. I actually would have liked to have played against Roland and his Karman as I have yet to play them but I thought that I would have better luck against Tim.

The table was quite densely packed with terrain and we used a 6′ x 8′ table instead of the 4′ x 8′ we planned. I think that the terrain was quite good but we should have made sure that there was space for vehicles to move. Especially my Firecrawler which go trapped in the flank of my sector and didn’t move after turn 2. The table was too deep and the next time we play I think we should use a 4′ x 8′ as we planned.

The Wave reinforcement scheme worked really well. Especially for a game this size and I think we will be incorporating it into our other AT-43 games. We started with smaller forces and then built up to a mammoth size by turn three but due to casualties suffered this wasn’t overwhelming. It also seemed to be a more fair way of rolling reinforcements in without penalizing players, like the Red Blok, that often have difficulty making it to RP objectives. The objectives in this game just gave you different deployment options and I like this a lot more than the RP scheme that is often in AT-43 scenarios.

Turn 1 and 2 went rather well. I managed to keep most of my troops in cover and minimize damage. Some of my vehicles did take some damage but nothing that kept them out of the game. Turn three I managed to get one of the deployment objectives and opened up the side table deployment areas for turn four which I then used to flood Tim’s deployment area with troops. By that time Tim had taken a few casualties and was pushing most of his troops forward to take his Nanogenerator objectives so there was little in the rear area to defend against my troops.

Tim also really suffered from losing his Baal Golgoth in the second turn and wasn’t really able to take the fight to my larger vehicles so the Lancelot and the Defender were able to really rip into his infantry.

My Highlights

  • Taking out Tim’s Ball Golgoth with a unit of Jam TacArms. The Firecrawler had fired on it earlier in the turn and only did a point of damage.
  • Using the Death Dealers to attack and rolling 24 dice (including Epstone) and almost eliminating a Therian unit in one round of fire.
  • Using the TacArms to designate targets and then destroying them with the Cobra and Defender Snake.
  • Forgetting to give at least one unit Tri-lense helmets to pick up the inevitable Therian unit with Stealth.

Tim’s Highlights

  • Killing the Death Dealers + Lt. Hottie in one volley from my newly upgraded Incubus
  • Murdering those wing troopers with my stealth flamer unit!
  • Super crazy teleport with Atis (which in the end was just a bad exchange of points, but its fun to catch people off guard like that!)
  • Watching the carnage unfold on the other side – go Karmans!!

It was a very fun game and I hope that we can do it again soon.