Painting progress

Managed to do a little bit of painting and prep work in the last few days. I finished painting thirteen Urak-hai Scout bowmen for War of the Rings. I just need to base them and then they are ready to get added to my army. I have a bit of a basing backlog to deal with as I have nine Crossbowmen, nine Bezerkers and six other Scout bowmen to base as well.

I also assembled and primed some figures for my PanO Infinity force:

  • Fusilier Hacker
  • Fusilier (with antenna to act as an FO)
  • Fusilier Sniper
  • Hospitaller Knight
  • Trauma Doc

I’ll start to get these painted this week and hopefully I will have then done fairly soon. I also have two Remotes on the painting table to assemble and prime. I will be building a Pathfinder and a guided missile Remote to add to the force. After that I believe that I will add some Akalis as AD troops seem to be far too useful in the game.

I also need to paint Saruman for for Isengard force for War of the Rings to add a decent spell-caster to the force but he won’t be getting done for a while.