Blood Bowl victory (of sorts)

I’ve been playing quite a bit (for me) of the Blood Bowl PC game and I had a chance today, thanks to Ryan, Brett and Paul, to have a “real” game of Blood Bowl.

I asked on the Van Gamers message board a while ago if there had been any significant changes to the rules since I last had a chance to play it and while no-one on the board thought there was I sadly have not played it in quite a long time and a quick read through the Developers Notes in the LRB4 showed that. It appears that the Turnover rule was added after my first, and last, experience with the game and it certainly has made a significant difference in how the game plays.

Primarily, its not quite so bloody boring. The old Blood Bowl game was a snooze-fest and the game played with the LRB5 rules is a much more interesting game. It was so boring that I’ve stayed the hell away from the game for years despite the number of people I know who are fans of the game.

So Paul, Ryan, Brett and two of Paul’s friends (Dom and James) came over for some games and I borrowed Paul’s Human team and had a game against Ryan and his Orcs. Ryan had to leave before the game was over but I had a 2-0 lead and I think I was in a good position to defend that lead until the end of the game. I was actually one turn away from scoring a third TD but sadly the ball was being carried by my Ogre and on the last turn he failed his Bone Head check and I had no re-rolls. Very sad.

So I now have a Middle Kingdom Human team from Impact! Miniatures on order as well as one of the Heresy Ogres. I’ll be painting the team up as a Liverpool equivalent and will be checking out some local sources to see if I can make decals with the Liverpool crest on them.