Epic Chaos gaming

While the girls were away this weekend I actually managed to get in two games of Epic with my Chaos army. The first game was with a Daemon heavy army against Andre’s Imperial Guard. I played a fairly decent game but lost 2-0 on the last turn of the game. Guard are a tough army for Chaos as the army is, to my mind, quite susceptible to artillery attacks. My Terminators with Daemon Prince managed to chew up a fair chunk of one of hi infantry detachments, and some Hydras, but didn’t really have a good game and were chewed up after breaking.

I had an Assault Co. with two Decimators and they performed quite well. They managed to fend off some Warhounds and also kept an infantry company at bay.

The second game was against Pawel and his Orks. I decided to change the army quite substantially and removed all of the Daemons, Icon Bearers, Pacts and swapped out some figs for a Banelord Titan. Now I forgot that Pawel almost always takes aircraft so I had nothing to counter his Fightas but the Banelord was quite impressive. Especially as my Terminators and Daemon Prince took out his Gargant.

I thought it funny that Pawel was far more concerned with this daemon-free army and it speaks, I think, to the cost of daemons in the army. I think that, as I have said in the past, that perhaps the overall cost of daemons in the army is too high.

I’m going to try to play another game with this daemon-free force to see how well it performs and then perhaps try to fine-tune a force with daemons to compare them.