War of the Rings gaming

Ryan came over this afternoon and we had a 1500pt game of War of the Rings. As Ryan did not have Gandalf or any other spellcaster in his force I pulled Saruman from the list and replaced him with a Shaman and some more troops. I took a few photos with my phone’s camera which I’ve posted online.

My force was:

  • Lurtz
  • 4 x Warband (Banner)
  • 4 x Warband (Banner, Shaman, Captain)
  • 4 x Phalanx (Captain)
  • 4 x Warg Riders (Captain)
  • 2 x Crossbow (Captain)
  • 1 x Bezerkers
  • Troll
  • Troll Captain

Ryan’s army was lead by Faramir and had:

  • 1 x Avenger Bolt Thrower
  • King of the Dead and one additional company
  • 3 x Bowmen
  • 2 x Citadel Guard
  • 3 x Knights
  • 3 x Knights
  • 3 x Knights
  • 4 x Men of Gondor
  • 3 x Men of Gondor

I am not quite sure which exact Command models he had but most formations had a banner and Captain.

We played the Capture the Hill objective and used the Pass deployment method. With the terrain it actually looked as if both forces were being funnelled down a narrow mountain pass.

The game only went to six turns as I was able to reduce Ryan’s army down to a single company by that point. The terrain really wasn’t Ryan’s friend as his cav were not able to manoeuvre very well and basically had to run straight forward into my troops.

I as able to use my Pikemen to ward off Faramir and his Knights for a few turns and by then Lurtz had attacked around that side of the hill and crashed into the Citadel Guard and destroyed them. My crossbows were quite effective and in the end they really punished the Citadel Guard as well as a formation of Knights.

Ryan’s Avenger was a bit more useful this game than the last time I played them and my Wargs actually managed to survive the game. A first for them.

The Troll Captain doing a Heroic Duel and killing the Captain of a formation of Bowmen and also killing six bowmen before hacking even more of them down. Being able to On the Double move with this beast and also Duel is deadly.

Casting Shatter Shields on the turn that my Warband was charged by a formation of cavalry. I still lost the combat but not by much.

Being able to flank charge the Men of Gondor holding the hill on turn six with my Pikemen and thereby being able to eliminate the formation.

Losing a combat, despite killing Faramir, due to Epic Sacrifice. Faramir managed to ward of something like 11 hits against the last unit of Knights.

Lurtz using Epic Strike twice in one game and also killing Faramir in a Duel.

The Bezerkers grinding down a unit of Men of Gondor with their relentless charges and Terror.

I think that part of the issue was Ryan’s choice of Hero. Faramir is a support Hero and I’ve suggested to Ryan to get Boromir or Aragorn and use them as the primary hero in his force. Faramir doesn’t really add a lot to the army and is much better staying back and bolstering troops instead of attacking.

The King of the Dead wasn’t really that effective and is probably best left for games against low Courage troops like Orcs and Goblins.

I’d still really like to get a game in with Saruman and I am looking to see what I need to paint to put together a 2000pt army.