Recent painting

As the next season of the local Blood Bowl league is starting soon I have been working on the 16 figures for my Skaven team. I have the fur and skin done and I have painted the first coat of red and blue on the cloths and armour. As these are for Blood Bowl I want them to be quite bright and more in tune with the brash colours of Blood Bowl teams and not a typical Skaven colour scheme.

I also did some quick touch-up work on two Orc and Human plastic Blood Bowl teams that I picked up in a trade. I did a quick black wash over them to mute the colours and provide a little depth and then rebased them and repainted the base edges. Sadly I didn’t take any “before” photos to compare.

They still aren’t the best looking minis but they are good to have around in case I want to demo the game or have a quick game with anyone who doesn’t have any minis.

Zach and I will be starting the BattleTech Sword and Dragon campaign this week so it means that I also need to get some more BT figures painted. I had put them aside for a while but there are probably eight to ten minis that I still need to get painted. After the Skaven are done I’ll look into getting them done.