Skaven almost done

Its taken me a while but I am almost finished the 16 Skaven figures for my Blood Bowl team. I’ve painted up

  • 2 Throwers
  • 4 Gutter Runners
  • 3 Blitzers
  • 7 Linemen

The details are mostly done. I need to paint some touch-ups and then base the figures and add the numbers to the bases. But I should have them all ready for the start of the local Blood Bowl league.

I also recently picked up the four Skaven mutant figures and I am building a Rat Ogre for the team as well. In addition I also got some 40K Ork Boyz from Ryan and spent one afternoon this weekend assembling a 16 Ork team from them. The team includes

  • 2 Throwers
  • 3 Blockers
  • 4 Blitzers
  • 7 Linemen

I’ll try to post some pictures of them soon.

I have four Goblins that I am going to paint up and I also am going to get a Troll from Ryan. Those minis might be used for the other painted Ork team I have and I may find some current 40K Goblins and get the Neomics Troll for the 40K team.

And not to belabour a point, but I also grabbed a High Elf team from Ryan. So once I assemble them I will have five Blood Bowl teams.