Firestorm Armada

Amongst other things I have recently picked up two fleets for Spartan Games’ new Firestorm Armada space combat game, the Dindrenzi and the Sorylians.

The game is based on the Uncharted Seas system but has a fair number of added elements to handle space combat including rules for mines, fighters and shields. I’m getting my fleets painted up and I hope to have a game of this in the new year but I’ve not yet managed to get a game in.

The figures are resin with some, the Sorylian frigates and cruisers for example, having metal engine sections. This is my first experience working with fully resin models of this size and while the detailing on them is incredible the casts almost universally have a small area where they fit into the mould that has to be removed. Some of the Sorylian vessels had to have green stuff added to fill in areas where I didn’t sand them evenly and the Dindrenzi ships were quite problematic to assemble. The Dindrenzi carrier is especially susceptible to this and while the top of mine looks okay the bottom has severe alignment issues.

I am sure that my next set of vessels will go together better but these first models have been a learning experience for me.

I am currently working on painting the Sorylian fleet and then once that is done and ready to go I will do the Dindrenzi fleet. One of the local gamers at Strategies already has his Terran fleet done and it looks great.