Painting update

I got a chance go prime a large number of figures today. Oddly all Spartan Games minis. So I have my Dzinderi and Aquan fleets for Firestorm: Armada and the rest of my Uncharted Seas Dwarf fleet primed and ready to paint. I think I’ll do the Dzinderi first and then work on the Aquans. The reason being that I have an odd idea for a paint scheme for the Aquans that might take a while to do and I want to get a fleet done for the F:A demo and game day at Strategies.

Once those are done I’ll finish off the Iron Dwarf vessels.

I have some Pig Iron minis that I want to paint as well but I am waiting on an order of 30mm round-lipped bases to use to add some NCOs and other troops to the force before I set down to paint it