Firestorm: Armada gaming

I met up with Zach and Goapul today and got in two games of Firestorm: Armada. I brought down my Sorylian and Dindrenzi fleets as Zach was still in the process of painting his and wanted to try the system out. Despite having the whole table to game pn we palyed on a 4′ x 4′ section. I am not sure why. We’re also still building terrain so the only thing I had available was one of the cardboard planets from BFG.

Game 1
Zach took my Sorylians and I played my Dindrenzi fleet. This was Zach’s first game ( and my second) so it was mostly to allow Zach to test out the rules and get some experience playing.

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During deployment I positioned my Battleship centrally to allow it to respond to whatever Zach did. Basically I wanted to be able to push the Battleship to whatever area he directed his battleship. The game broke down into two main battles. Two squadrons of Sorylian Frigates and the Battleship took on my Battelship, Cruisers and a squadron of Frigates while the carriers duked it out backed up with Sorylian Cruisers and my other squadron of Frigates.

The Dindrenzi carrier is actually a bit of a beast and it was able to take out Zach’s Cruisers pretty much on its own. The Battleship took a shot as well before turning to starboard and moving to engage the Sorlyian Battleship.

My Frigates took a lot of fire from Zach’s Frigates and were reduced quite quickly but my Cruisers cleared out his Frigate screen and then the Battleship and Cruisers reduced Zach’s Battleship to a husk.

There was pretty limited terrain so it was rather difficult for Zach to screen his ships from the Dindrenzi Rail Guns. They did quite a bit of damage and it was a bit difficult for Zach to get his fleets deployed to take advantage of their broadsides.

Not a bad first game for Zach though.

Game 2

I played a second game against Gopaul and his Terran fleet. I tried a proper refused flank this time and Gopaul placed his Battleship in a position where it was out of action for most of the game.

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As usual, the Terran fleet is hell on Frigates and Gopaul was able to strip mine from the table in no time with his torpedoes. Once I managed to bring my Cruisers and Battleship into range and deploy broadsides I was able to quickly reduce his Frigates and Cruisers.

By the time his Battleship made it around the planet and into range the game was pretty much done. His Carrier was able to survive till almost the end of the game as I was unable to really get any good dice with my Bombers and the rest of my remaining vessels were busy trying to hammer his Battleship.

He also made one of the best Shield rolls I have ever seen as his three dice of shields rolled an amazing number of sixes and stopped 13 points of damage.

Both games were pretty fun and I learned quite a bit about each of the fleets.

I think thought that the game requires a bit more terrain as well as a full 4′ x 6′ table to use when playing.