Forgeguard assembled

I just finished assembling the first unit in my Warmachine mercenary force. I will be building a Highborn Covenant force based primarily on Rhulic Warcasters and Jacks with some additional units. Primarily this is a way for me to get the cool Rhullic units as well as the Steelhead units and some fun solos.

This also is my return to Warmachine. I left the game over a year ago (maybe two now?) due to a lack of satisfaction with the rules as well as the wealth of differing, yet similar, abilities that were on some of the units which made it quite difficult to play the game casually. I’m happy to say that not only has Warmachine MkII fixed all of this but it has also tempered my least favourite Warcaster: Skarre. She is no longer the über-assassination caster that she once was.

Overall the game is simplified, easier to play and a lot easier to understand.

Hence my new Mercenary army :-)