Painting and building a Cryx army

Well its been a busy few days. I did a few trades locally and online and managed to scoop up the start of a Cryx force. The last few days have been spent assembling minis and then putting sand on the bases and priming them. So far I have assembled:

Satayxis Raiders (min unit)

I also primed
Bile Thralls
Pistol Wraith

And I am working on assembling a Necrotech and some Scrap Thralls.

I decided to work on a Cryx army before finishing my Merc force for a few reasons. The main one was that I really like Cryx and the army was stirring my imagination more than a Merc force. As well, the changes to Cryx and Skarre in MkII make this a more fun army to play and, I think, a bit more challenging that it was previously.

I am planning on getting a 25pt force ready and painted and then slowly expand the army to 50pts. Then I’ll change off and work on the Mercs.