Strange Aeons gaming

I had a chance to get together with Thomas (Peabody on the forums) for a few games of Strange Aeons. It is a skirmish based miniature game created and sold by Uncle Mike’s Worldwide (from Calgary) which is set in the Cthulhu Mythos. The game uses a very small number of figures and focuses on fast games with a unique campaign setting so you can create a team of investigators (working for a group called Threshold) and have them progress in experience, and injuries, from game to game as the battle Lurkers.

The Threshold team I was using for the game consisted of four members
Remi Hubert – Character
Peter Sherbikov – Agent
Dr Gustav Himmelfrei – Agent
Mort – Civilian

The core of the team is Remi, Peter and the Doctor. Mort is a local who has been assigned to the team to show them the lay of the land and help them find the source of the recent rash of undead walking the forests and attacking civilians.

Thomas brought down some zombies and a Serpentman figure and we used different variations of that team in the three games

Game 1: Retrieve the Artifacts
We place four “artefacts” around the centre of the table and Thomas and his zombie horde start at the far end of table behind some houses. I quickly advance my team, Mort in the lead, and start searching the artefact locations. Thomas pushes his Serpentman forward and takes advantage of a misstep on my part on zaps Remi with Sinister Energies spell. Remi goes down with a Major Injury as the eldritch energies burn through his chest and damage his lungs.

Without Remi’s Command skill the rest of the team more slowly advance to search the artefact locations. Mort finds a scroll, the Doctor finds his location bereft of loot and Peter searches a location and finds a Map Piece. The Serpentman works around the forest and charges Mort. Surely this is the end of the untrained civilian but in what is a marvellous set of rolls Mort actually passes his Resolve test to stay and fight but then manages to kill the Serpentman in close combat.

After that, Peter makes short work of the Zombies with his shotgun and the team clears the area up finding another Map Piece from the final artefact location. The final zombie tries to hide behind a house but the team’s efforts to outflank it roust it out and as it charges Peter he takes it down with a quick shot from his trusty shotgun.

Remi is found to have suffered a chest wound and lowers his Constitution, the Doctor learns the Scholar skill based on his examinations of the scroll they found

Game 2: The Strange Old Man
The team pushes further into the woods and comes to a farm where a Strange Old Man lives. The Serpentman does double duty as a High Priest. Thomas rolls two Sinister Energies spells and Eldritch Barrier. The farmhouse is on the other side of the river and the team quickly advances across the bridge and splits up around the field to try to create a crossfire pattern. The Strange Old (serpent)Man casts his Eldritch Barrier spells and advances out but sadly the spell has little impact and the hail the gun fire from the four team members takes him down.

The team searches his body and finds a Ring of Power. The fresh air is doing wonders for Remi and clears his lungs out, bringing his Constitution back up to sick.

Game 3: Fight!
In our final game Thomas reverts to his Zombie team and adds some weapons to the Serpentman. He rolls for spells again and get, much to my chagrin, Sinister Energies.

Clearly the Strange Old Man that the team found was not the source of the infernal undead cursing this area. As the team moves on they run into more zombies and more of the sinister Serpentmen.

Another river divides the table and this time Thomas lets his Zombies advance while the Serpentman takes cover behind a building. The team moves towards the bridge to create another wall of fire to take the zombies down and is initially very lucky but sadly one zombie, protected by some infernal machinations of dark gods, is able to shrug off our fire and charge Remi.

Remi is initially knocked unconscious and a savage fight ensues as Remi gets up and then tussles with the undead monster while another of its ilk moves forward. The rest of the team is rapt with attention as Remi struggles with the zombie and is finally taken down. Mort is driven into a frenzy and charges the zombie but is struck down.

Peter moves to cover the bridge with his shotgun but the zombie charges him and Peter is also taken down.

The Doctor thinks that discretion is the better part of valor and flees from the table.

The entire team revives, including the ill-named Mort, and is ready for their next set of adventures.

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