40K game rant

Now I tend not to think a lot about 40K games but the recent Spearhead article on the GW site really has me wondering what the hell is up with the company and the 40K game.

I’ve joked in the past about how 40K is turning into a “parking lot” game with a mass of troops filling the table but the photo they have really makes me wonder how someone is supposed to enjoy the game and how far outside the bounds of reality they have moved.

parking lot

This is not a game. This is someone filling a table with models and then rolling to see which ones blow up. The lead Ork and Marine vehicles are close enough that you could spit from one to another with the wind in your face. How is it that vehicles with dual laser cannons, suppa zap guns and heavy autocannons are somehow going to allow other vehicles or troops to get that close to them before opening up?

Sorry but this really is the saddest excuse I’ve seen for a game and seems to be nothing other than a cash grab by GW.

If GW really does want to provide gamers with something that allows them to put out 100s of troops and vehicles then why did they can Epic?