Building more Chaos Daemons

Part of my problem with Games Workshop these days is the inordinate amount of fun that I have with their plastic kits. Most of the units in the Warhammer Chaos Daemon army are plastic models and I am having quite a bit of difficultly sticking to my painting and have instead been distracted by assembling plastic minis.

I am not sure why I find this such a pleasant diversion since I am actually quite bad at it. My plastic models always have mould lines in odd places and cut marks from where I have done a poor job cleaning them up. And that doesn’t ever seem to distract me from building.

Currently I am in the final stages of painting my 10 Bloodletters and have assembled 10 Daemonettes, 10 Pink Horrors and two more Bloodletters to be used as a Herald and a Herald with Battle Banner. Both of these will be placed on a Juggernaught that I picked up in a trade. I am also working on assembling a unit of mounted Daemonettes. And then its time to finish the last ten Pink Horrors and a few more Bloodletters.

I have a 1500pt army list built and I want to assemble it and start getting some games in as soon as I can.