Chaos Daemon game

Work still progress on my Chaos Daemon army. Still no pictures. I’ve been assembling like mad but I need to work out a new camera workflow. I’ve gotten out of the habit of using my digital camera but my new cellphone is a PITA to get photos off of.

Nick came over yesterday and we had a quick 1000pt game. I had just put together a Herald of Tzeentch on Disc and wanted to use it which meant that I took a much larger unit of Pink Horrors than I should :-)

My army was
15 x Bloodletter (full command)
5 x Seekers
6 x Screamers
15 x Pink Horrors with Changeling and Herald

The Herald was on Disc and had the Lord of Sorcery upgrade to allow him to pick any Lore and use all of the spells. I picked the Lore of the Beast

Nick had
6 x Minotaurs
Braywagon Chariot
Horde of Beastmen with Doombull

The game went fairly quick. The Chariot wiped out my Screamers and in the centre I avoided a confrontation with the Beastmen horde while I concentrated on tossing spells at it. Nick’s Minotaurs charged my Bloodletters and he almost took them out the but the Seekers counter charged and won the next combat and his Minotaurs fled and were run down.

The Horde finally got a charge off against my Pink Horror block and almost killed them in the first turn. I was quickly left with one Horror, the Changeling and the Herald. Nick kept his Doombull out of the combat initially as he didn’t want me grabbing his stats with the Changeling and smacking it down.

The Seekers got in a charge in the next turn and the Doombull moved to confront them. I also managed to cast the Transformation spell at 20+ difficulty and Nick just barely missed his Dispel roll. Once the enormous Fire Dragon was out the game was basically over.

Lucky that I was able to get that spell off as Nick would have easily chewed through the rest of my troops.

The moral is then that to in the game you need to get one of your Wizards to transmogrify into a large Dragon and kill everyone. Seems simple enough :-)