At some point I need to paint part 3

My paint aversion continues as I assembled three Bloodcrushers and ten Fleshhounds. Most of the figs have been based and primed so I now have one less excuse to paint. I did a bit of work on my Daemon Prince and also Skulltaker while I was assembling figs so I did manage to get some paint on some minis.

Speaking of the Bloodcrushers. They are not only an amazing plastic kit but they go together so easily. Moreso than the metal Bloodcrushers. Not only that but the kit has variant heads for the Juggernaughts so you can really make the mounts look different if you get more than one set of them.

Sadly I actually have enough, with the metal minis I have, to field a unit of 6 so I doubt that I will be getting any more of the plastic kits any time soon but I have to say that I am incredibly impressed with them.