I’m finally painting

I actually managed to sit down and apply some paint to some models today. I’ve been so focused on assembly for the past few weeks that I have barely had time left to actually paint figures.

I’ve managed to get almost all the figures I want assembled so it was finally time to paint and I started by applying the base coat for the last eight Bloodletter models. I have ten almost entirely finished and so these final figures will fill that unit out and allow me to field a full four ranks if I add the Herald on Juggernaut to the unit.

I’m not sure whist I will paint next but I suspect that it might be the Pink Horrors. I was moderately impressed with the figures but after priming them the details really popped and the curves on the miniatures really started to stand out creating a far better impression of flowing muscles and limbs.

I’ve actually been quite impressed with all of the new Chaos Daemon plastic releases. the Juggernaughts in the Bloodcrusher lit are also phenomenal and it’s quite difficult to believe that the same company that made these made the sadly disappointing Beastmen and Minotsaur figures.