Basing, basing, basing

The last two nights have been a flurry of basing as I have assembled and based 21 Pig Iron Kolony Militia figures as well as basing five of the Kem-Var figures from MERCS Miniatures. I’ve done some very basic basing for the Pig Iron figs and some more elaborate basing for the MERCS figures including two different types of sand to simulate ruins as well as some etched brass parts from the 40K basing kit. Note to self, etched brass accessories are sharp and should be bent carefully as my finger tip can attest to. :-(

I am all out of primer though so I need to make a quick trip to Canada Tire to pick up some Duplicolor Grey and see if they have some of the new Krylon Camouflage primer in stock. I am going to try to get the Kem-var figs painted for next week so Lucas and I can go down to Strategies and play a few games there and show the figs and system off.