MERCS test game #1

Keith and the team at MERCS Miniatures were kind enough to send along some of their MERCS 28mm sci-fi figures and a copy of their rules for a review and Lucas Smith came over today to help me play a few test games.

MERCS is a range of “near future” sci-fi models that are based in an Earth future that is ruled by corporate entities. The models in the game are part of corporate strike forces that are attacking or being attacked by the elite forces of other corporations. The game currently has a full compliment of figures for the CCC, UCR and Kem-Var. A fourth faction, the FCC, is being worked on.

The game uses a very small area to play in and uses five miniatures per team meaning that the game quickly gets down to action and you don’t need a lot of space or terrain for a game. As you would expect for a modern sci-fi game you need enough terrain to keep the game interesting and provide enough cover to allow forces to move to contact.

The game has quite a few novel mechanics in it and doesn’t require measuring tapes since it uses the unit cards for movement and area effect weapons.

We only managed to play one full game, and had the usual “check the rulebook” issues that you usually do when playing a new game but it was actually a lot of fun and I can see where there is a lot more strategy involved that can really make the game interesting to play.

You can download the Quick Start rules for the game from the MERCS website.