Priming with Krylon

I was reading a post on the atom smashing blog a few days ago (picked up via the TGN Blog Network) talking about assembling and priming the new Wargames Factory Sci-fi Greatcoat troopers. An interesting enough read in and of itself but where I really perked up and took notice was when he began talking about using the new Krylon Camouflage primers.

Since I am in the midst of assembling and painting some Pig Iron Productions Kolony Militia troops I thought I would check them out. A quick trip to Canada Tire and I was back with a bag of primer and some mineral spirits to clean up after I use my Army Painter quick shade.

No photos of the results but the primer went on really well, even on some resin vehicles, and I now not only have primed figs but also a khaki basecoat on them all. I have a small squad to do as a test run for a paint scheme and once I have them basecoated I’ll take some photos and post them here.

I also picked up a can of the Olive Green and used that to prime and basecoat my MERCS Miniatures Kemvar figures.

Coverage of both colours was really good and the primer dried with no clumping or concealing of details. The colours are lighter and brighter than appear on the can tops so if you check it out don’t be alarmed by how dark the colours look. Sadly the Canada Tire I went to didn’t have the Woodland Light Green or Brown sprays so I wasn’t able to test those out.



  1. Cool, I’m glad to see someone else using this tip. That stuff works great as a primer and base coat. I’m also glad to see that someone read my blog!

    1. It was a great tip and it sure saves some time as well. I also really like the colours. I used them for some of the resin vehicles I picked up

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