ScanFed fleet assembled

Michelle was out last night watching the 6784th Battle of Alberta on Hockey Night in Canada last night (a joke you probably won’t get unless you are a Canadian hockey fan) so I brought up the portable hobby table and assembled some ScanFed spacecraft I picked up from Jon at GZG. I picked up a starter fleet as well as a carrier, fighters and some escort vessels. In total there were 22 ships to assemble.

The job actually took a bit longer than I expected. Almost all of the cruiser and larger ScanFed vessels have an engine assembly that requires one or more engine exhaust pieces to be inserted into the rear section of the vessel. Sadly the holes they were supposed to be inserted into were almost always blocked or, in a few cases, filled entirely. Most of my evening was spent drilling the rear sections out so I could fit the engines in.

Many of the figures also had some very soft edges in the castings and in a lot of cases any hole in the vessel, for flight stands or the engine exhausts, had some sort of fill in it.

Once the minis were cleaned up and assembled they looked quite nice and I can’t wait to start painting them but they were certainly not as well cast as the 15mm sci-fi figures I have picked up from GZG.